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Precautions for the installation of electrostatic precipitator


Precautions for the installation of electrostatic precipitator

In the air purification of the kitchen,most people will choose the range hood,but in fact,in addition to the range hood,the electrostatic precipitator is also a product for the problem solving of the oil fume.The electrostatic precipitator is mainly used for purifying and controlling the low-altitude emission of oil fume in the kitchen,and it is also used in restaurants,hotels,schools and other places.There are generally two installation methods for electrostatic precipitators:indoor installation and outdoor installation.Outdoors have low-altitude emission and high-altitude emission,but low-altitude emission is generally used because the effect is better than high-altitude emission. Below are some suggestions when installing a lampblack purifier.                         


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First,before installation,it should be confirmed that the electrostatic precipitator is installed in a reasonable position.

Maintenance space needs to be reserved around the purifier, and the cabinet door should have a free opening space at a right angle of more than 90 degrees, so as to facilitate future cleaning, maintenance and repair.                                  


Second,choose the matching fan air volume.           

The air volume selection of the fan is generally equivalent to the processing air volume of the purifier.When the air volume of the fan meets the kitchen ventilation requirements,the smaller the air volume,the better the effect of the purifier.The wind speed passing through the purifier should preferably be below 6 meters per second.

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Third,the indoor installation should be installed above the stove.

The installation height has a direct impact on the purification of oil fume,so it is more suitable to be about 1 meter away from the stove.There should be fire dampers at the front and back.Cut two holes on the wall along this horizontal line,the distance between them is equal to the distance between the foot holes of the electrostatic precipitator,screw on the screws,and hang the front with expansion bolts.Loosen the two fastening screws on the hanging legs at both ends of the electrostatic precipitator,and align the square-shaped hanging leg holes with the screws on the wall to hang it.Then tighten the fastening screws at both ends.


Fourth,if it is installed outdoors,just fix the feet of the electrostatic precipitator.

The strength of the ground or floor should be enough to support the weight of the electrostatic precipitator.                                 


Fifth,a certain angle should be maintained during the installation.           

Allow the oil to flow naturally and smoothly into the oil cup or grease trap to prevent oil spill from other places.


Sixth,the electrostatic precipitator is connected to the exhaust duct through the flange.

All connections must be sealed to prevent oil leakage.

The electrostatic precipitator can be installed indoors or outdoors,but attention should be paid to installing rainproof tools to ensure the service life of the equipment.For further information, please contact DR. AIRE sales team!   Welcome order! 


Seventh,ensure safety.

The electrostatic precipitator is required to be able to be linked with the fan,that is,the electrostatic precipitator and the fan must be turned on and off at the same time;if it cannot be linked,the fan must be started for 10 minutes before starting the electrostatic precipitator,and the electrostatic precipitator should be turned off before the fan is shut down.

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