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Industrial Oil mist collector Filter for CNC machines DGRH-KC-1500

Industrial Oil mist collector Filter for CNC machines DGRH-KC-1500

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1 Unit / wooden case
1 Unit
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Shenzhen, Guangzhou
CE, RoHS, ISO9001:2015
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RUIHE applied advanced air filtered technology to develop the high-performance oil mist collector. They are excellent for filtrating oil mist, haze, aerosol and smoke removal. It is an oil mist filtration and collection efficient way. .


RUIHE designs the direct source capture of various airborne contaminants equipment - oil mist collector. It is an efficient and cost-effective way to remove nuisance or hazardous contaminants from the workplace to meet the specific standards of your unique plant.


When machining is operating, there are potential health hazards and risks. They associated with the oil and water based cutting fluids that are used as coolants and lubricants. Metalworking applications such as cutting, sawing, polishing, and grinding along with the use of these cutting fluids produces an oil mist that is sent airborne. Oil mist will cause great health risks resulting from long term exposure. Facilities also are at risk of physical hazards to the worker such as slippery floors. Oil mist collector ensures almost total collection of these pollutants, responding to local legislation. It is essential to build a safe working environment. Thus, we will help you to control containment of floating mist properly by oil mist collector.


Oil mist collector collects the contaminant airstream into the collector cell. It will drop out large mist or other particles. There are two sections with high and low voltage. In the high voltage section, stainless steel ionizer blade discharges positive airstream. In the low voltage section, the collector plate charges negtivated airstream to adsorbs smaller oil particles down to 0.01 microns. Oil mist will be collected and drained to a oil sump. The airstream then turns and passes up while the clean air is exhausted through the top of the unit. Oil, mist, smoke, and vapor removal efficiency to 95- 99.9%.


Depending on your plant requirements, modular designed oil mist collectors can be stacking vertically and horizontally to extend an unlimited air flow and higher removal efficiency! Let us know your standards that you would like your equipment built to, then we provide a correct oil mist collector that meets those standards at affordable price. 

Start a plan today for solving your air contamination problems by contacting a RUIHE environmental oil mist collection expert via email or a call.

RUIHE-High-quality Oil Mist Collection‎ | Industrial Oil Mist Collector Filter
Industrial Oil mist collector Filter

Oil mist collector is an excellent choice to remove coolant mist, water mist and oil mist etc. Oil mist are from various processes such as brazing, casting, flame cutting, drilling, grinding, milling and attack.


DGRH-KC-1500 Industrial Oil Mist Collector Filter DGRH-KC-1500

NO.ModelAir Flow (M³/H)Cabinet Size L*W*H  (MM)Flange Size (Diameter mm)Removal efficiency RateWind Resistance (PA)Power (Watt)
1DGRH-KC-15001000-15001065*680*735∅    200 / customized98%<100160
RUIHE-High-quality Oil Mist Collection‎ | Industrial Oil Mist Collector Filter-1
RUIHE-High-quality Oil Mist Collection‎ | Industrial Oil Mist Collector Filter-2
RUIHE-High-quality Oil Mist Collection‎ | Industrial Oil Mist Collector Filter-3


Maintain high productivity of equipment
Provides a healthy working environment for employee
Collector cell is easy to install, maintain and clean.
Avoid breakdown electrical parts of machines that caused by oil mist.
Air flow: 1000-1500 CMH.

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