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Industrial Electrostatic Precipitator DGRH-KD

Industrial Electrostatic Precipitator DGRH-KD

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RUIHE has created a need for improved pollution control systems, since environmental legislation has become increasingly more stringent over the years. We looks at one solution that will significantly reduce the costs associated with industrial electrostatic precipitator (ESP) and the benefits this will have for industrial processes using plastics and PVC.


RUIHE industrial electrostatic precipitator (ESP) technologies which has the highest removal efficiency of any pollution control system for oily, sub-micron smoke fumes. In addition, it has the lowest energy consumption per unit of gaseous throughput for any system on the market. RUIHE industrial electrostatic precipitator reduces costs and improves the performance of pollution control. As such, it appears to be a strong contender for the plastics industry.


Finding the best industrial electrostatic precipitator (ESP) solution, with considerable expertise in heat exchangers and ESPs, RUIHE took up the challenge to minimise the maintenance costs and return this equipment to its rightful place as the best available technology. RUIHE has created a cleaning and oil recovery system. Basically, the new industrial electrostatic precipitator technology is hot flue oil mist gases pass through a heat exchanger where it is cooled. And then the cooled dirty air which will pass through electrostatic precipitator collector cell and be filtered recycled.


Industrial electrostatic precipitator (ESP) Process Description:

(1) The waste oil exhaust enters the cabinet, and the primary filter will pre-filter the short fiber in the soot.

(2) The oil fumes enter the heat exchanger, and the heat exchanger reduces the temperature of the oil fume gas at high temperature to 50-60 °C, which is beneficial to the stable operation of the industrial electrostatic precipitator and the recovery of the liquid oil;

(3) The cooled waste oil gas enters into the electrostatic precipitator collector cell for pre-treatment;

(4) The treated oil fume gas enters the plate-line dual-zone high-efficiency collector cell for purification;

(5) The treated exhaust gas will be expelled through exhaust fan.

(6) The system is equipped with an automatic fire protection system. When the temperature sensing network senses the fire alarm, the fire protection system starts immediately, and the fan is turned off, the static electricity box is turned off, and an alarm is issued.

(7) The collector cell needs to be cleaned regularly to maintain its high removal efficiency.


Industrial electrostatic precipitator (ESP) as a prime low energy abatement plant has made a major contribution to reducing the costs associated with pollution control for industries using plastics and PVC in their manufacturing processes. In addition, the ability to operate this process continuously will make it very attractive when compared to existing, legacy equipment.


Start a plan today for solving your air contamination problems by contacting a RUIHE environmental oil mist collection expert via email or a call.

Industrial Electrostatic Precipitator

Industrial Electrostatic Precipitator is an efficient solutions to remove exhaust pollution from PVC Production Line, plasticizer (DOP, DBP, DINP), printing and dyeing, oil mist purification and recovery, industrial cooking, electronic solder smoke purification asphalt smoke industrial.

RUIHE-Find Smoke Precipitator Industrial Electrostatic Precipitator on Ruihe
RUIHE-Find Smoke Precipitator Industrial Electrostatic Precipitator on Ruihe-1
RUIHE-Find Smoke Precipitator Industrial Electrostatic Precipitator on Ruihe-2


  • 01

    High-efficiency: Over 98% oil mist particulates removal rate.

  • 02

    Flexible: Modular in design.  Plate type collector cells are very easy to clean and maintenance.

  • 03

    Eco-friendly: Long life span, energy-saving.

RUIHE-Find Smoke Precipitator Industrial Electrostatic Precipitator on Ruihe-3
  • 04

    Stable: Solid state high-frequency high-voltage transformer ensures adequate power to ESP.

  • 05

    Convenient: Remote control with movable power control cabinet, etc.

  • 06

    Safety: Automatic fire-suppression system. When internal fire is detected by system, power supply will be shut down to avoid accident.

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